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There are times when our patients can benefit from the treatment of a dental specialist. These are dentists who have advanced knowledge and skills in particular areas. We work closely with them to provide optimum care.

Oral surgeons do extractions, place implants, and provide other types of oral surgery. They also diagnose and provide surgical treatment for diseases, injuries, and defects to the oral and maxillofacial region.

Endodontists (root canal specialists) perform root canal fillings and associated treatment to allow teeth with infections of the nerve to be saved.

Orthodontists utilize removable appliances and braces to create the best tooth alignment for function and appearance. We also refer our patients to particular orthodontists who treat TMJ (jaw joint) disorders.

Periodontists (gum specialists) treat periodontal disease by performing treatment to restore and preserve the health of the bone and gumline surrounding the teeth. This includes the maintenance of healthy function and esthetics of these tissues. Periodontists also place implants to help our office in replacing missing teeth and retaining dentures.

Pedodontists (pediatric dentists) provide care for children who may be too young or apprehensive for treatment in a general practice. They also provide treatment for children with special health needs.

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